Fargo South

Welcome to Eddie and Barkus, where your dog’s care journey transforms into an extraordinary experience. The Fargo So location is the flag ship of Eddie and Barkus. It is a place where we strive to provide the highest standards of care. This sanctuary was created to go above and beyond the basics of safety and cleanliness: we deliver the love and care your dog deserves. We understand the bond between dogs and their owners. This facility was designed to guarantee ¬†every dog that steps paws through our doors feels the love and dedication we have for our canines.

Choose between our two locations, Fargo So or Harwood Country Club. You will belong to both. Now is the time to gift your pet the comfort and care they deserve. 


Contact Us

Ph: 701 492 9364
Email: fargo@eddieandbarkus.com



Mon-Fri. 6:45am - 7pm
Sat. 8am - 10am
Sun. 3pm - 5pm

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