About Us

My story begins on a family farm. There I was taught some of life’s lessons that became the backbone that showed me the importance of independence, knowledge, asking for help. These ordinary day to day jobs would become my foundation for my business.

The vision for Eddie and Barkus was simple: create a safe, fun space for dogs to stay and play but believing in the transformation of a dog boarding facility. I realize you can do anything if you keep in mind your strengths and weaknesses.

Eddie (Wire Fox Terrier) and Barkus (Boxer), was named after my own dogs. By knowing how different personalities of dogs can be, observing their interaction helped mold the level of care and understanding for each of our customers dogs. This has set the standard for Eddie and Barkus by embracing the personality of each dog making it a safe environment. It’s a level of caring and understanding dogs that set the standards for Eddie and Barkus.

My vision is to bring a new level of care for the dog boarding daycare facilities. Our customers deserve the best in care, safety, and cleanliness. Elevating to a higher standard every day is what our customers deserve.

To excel in the care of dogs every day and night 24/7.