Upscale amazing grooming services offering breed specific cuts, show product treatments for all skin types, and massage.

Sally Jewett, Stylist

  • Graduated from Montana School of Professional Dog Grooming
  • Attended grooming expos and seminars in Minneapolis MN, Pasedena CA, Orlando FL, Hershey PA, Atlanta GA, and Las Vegas NV
  • Groomed professionally for 10 years
  • Starting at E&B in 2004
  • Studied in advanced courses

Renae Aune, Stylist

  • Graduated NDSU in Veterinary Technology
  • Graduated Classy Pet Grooming School
  • Attended expos and seminars in Denver CO, Hershey PA, and Atlanta GA
  • Started at E&B in 2009, grooming in 2011
  • Testing requirements have started to become a certified master groomer

Lisa Northagen, Canine Massage Therapist

  • Graduated in 2014 from Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure & Massage in Elizabeth CO
  • Benefits of Canine Massage:
    1. Post surgery
    2. Soreness of muscle
    3. Circulation of skin
    4. Overall health
  • Started at E&B in 2012

Grooming Services

All full grooms include 2 shampoos with show quality shampoo that is clarifying and hypoallergenic. We use a prima spa Prima Spa
Superior cleaning, By applying the water/shampoo mixture under high pressure, the Prima Spa system cuts through dirt, mats, oils, and grime that may have built up in the dogs coat. The shampoo mixes with oxygen and the sudsy fluid penetrates all the way to the skin. When the dog is rinsed, the coat is thoroughly clean and fresh smelling. The coat will smell fresh and remain fresh smelling longer.

system. After the rinse they will get a conditioning treatment that will recondition and moisturize dry irritated skin and coat. All dogs are hand blown dry. We have 5 different types of dryers to ensure the coat is dryed specific to type of hair coat. They are then hand brushed, scissor cut to the style of your choice. Ear cleaning and nail trimming are always included!
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